Financial Abundance Lies Within Your Soul

We tend to look outside of ourselves for all the reasons we are not manifesting or creating abundance in our lives. The problem is we’re usually looking in the wrong place. The right place to look is inside ourselves, where all our past experiences and our perception of them lies. It is within those experiences that we can find the … Read More

Activate Your Unique Gifts to Manifest Abundance

We each have unique gifts and talents that we have cultivated at Soul-level over many years and many lifetimes. It is when we fully access and utilize these gifts that we feel our best, we feel the most fulfilled, and also when we are able to manifest abundance in our lives with the most ease and joy. In short, accessing … Read More

Connect to your Spirit Guides to Manifest Abundance

We each have our own “team” of Spirit Guides that we “hire” starting when we are born until sometime in our 20’s. Each one of our guides has their own unique history, just like you do, that helps contribute to what they have to offer you and makes them a match for how they will help you in your life. … Read More

Unlock The Secret to Abundance

Isn’t the secret to achieving and experiencing abundance in our lives what we are all looking for? It’s easier than you think. It’s already inside of you. We tend to look outside of ourselves for abundance and the answer to why we are not experiencing abundance in our lives. But we’re missing the fact that the answer lies within us … Read More

Reconnect to WHO YOU ARE to Take Your Power Back

When we are not fully connected with ourselves and our abilities – WHO WE ARE – it’s like we are standing outside of ourselves. When we are like this we feel like we’re missing something. And the truth is we are – we’re literally missing part of ourselves. But it’s not like it’s not there. It’s just that we are … Read More

Soul Clearing for Financial Abundance, Part 2

In my last article I talked about what a Soul Clearing for Financial Abundance can do for you. But let’s look at it in more specific terms. A Soul Clearing has so many components to it that without really breaking down the details of it you can’t fully understand or quantify it. The first, and maybe the most important, aspect … Read More