Activate Your Unique Gifts to Manifest Abundance

access the abundance withinWe each have unique gifts and talents that we have cultivated at Soul-level over many years and many lifetimes. It is when we fully access and utilize these gifts that we feel our best, we feel the most fulfilled, and also when we are able to manifest abundance in our lives with the most ease and joy.

In short, accessing and utilizing your unique gifts and talents is where abundance lies. 

Finding out what they are and how to utilize them is like opening the coolest present ever on Christmas morning. You’re opening the gift of WHO YOU ARE.

But you must first know what those gifts are so that you can find ways to utilize them more in your daily life. The best way to identify them is by thinking about the times in your life when you felt really, really good … when you felt your best.

What were you doing when you felt that way? When you felt totally connected and “in the flow.” Make a list. What is it about those things that makes you feel good? Really dig into the details of what makes you feel good about those certain activities and then find ways to apply them more into your daily life.

Like, for example, do you find you feel your best when you are you are talking to others about certain things? Or maybe you are writing or singing or painting? Maybe you are out walking and getting physical exercise.

For each of us it’s going to be different, but what is the same for all of us is that when we are doing those things that allow our Soul to shine through and really express itself. That’s why we are naturally going to be more abundant in those times of true self-expression. It’s simply the natural course of things that was intended to happen for us when we really allow ourselves to access our gifts and our full potential.

And these gifts and talents are just the beginning. There are many gifts that we have yet to fully understand and access, but because we have blocks or fears surrounding them from past experiences, we may not be utilizing them.

This is where clearing any blocks to fully accessing and utilizing our gifts and talents becomes extremely valuable because we may not realize just how many blocks we have in place to accessing our full potential. It can even be scary for us on a very deep level that we’re not connected to at the conscious level.

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