Reconnect to WHO YOU ARE to Take Your Power Back

our power is abundanceWhen we are not fully connected with ourselves and our abilities – WHO WE ARE – it’s like we are standing outside of ourselves. When we are like this we feel like we’re missing something. And the truth is we are – we’re literally missing part of ourselves.

But it’s not like it’s not there. It’s just that we are disconnected from it. We’re also missing something else really important – like the fact that when we are fully in our power nothing can touch us. We can be in a room full of negativity and it doesn’t even phase us. We can be around the most negative people on the planet and we won’t even blink an eye.

Why is that? It’s because our power is where our abundance lies.

When we are fully in our power we are the happiest we have ever been. We are also the most abundant we have ever been because we are fully accessing our unique gifts and sharing them with the world. This is, after all, what we came here to do. This is precisely how we fulfill our purpose.

When we are not fully connected with our gifts and who we are, it’s usually because we remain in some sort of fear mode. This is the ONLY place where all the negativity in the world can get to us and drag us down.

Taking your power back – truly taking your power back – means fully reconnecting with who you are at Soul-level and all your unique gifts, talents and abilities. And I mean getting down into the details of who you are and not just the categories you fit into or how you have been labeled by others or where you think you “fit in.” Because I’m here to tell you right now that you don’t.

You are a unique being that may have come from the same place as others or learned many of the same things that others did, but you have unique gifts that no one else does that were cultivated over many years and many lifetimes. And the way you apply those gifts and share them with the world cannot be matched by anyone else.

But if you’re not sharing them with the world, it’s like denying who you are. And if you deny who you are, you are denying all the good that resides within those gifts and where they came from – Source. You also deny the power that Source energy can provide you with every day of your life.

Is that really power you can afford to deny?

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