Connect to your Spirit Guides to Manifest Abundance

spirit guides manifest abundanceWe each have our own “team” of Spirit Guides that we “hire” starting when we are born until sometime in our 20’s. Each one of our guides has their own unique history, just like you do, that helps contribute to what they have to offer you and makes them a match for how they will help you in your life.

They are also aware of your chosen life purpose and truly can light the way for you to see opportunities that you might otherwise have missed so that you can fulfill that purpose, especially if you are feeling lost, confused and unsure of which way to go.

Just like each of us, our Spirit Guides have expertise in a broad range of areas, but work with us in specific areas, depending on what our purpose is and what we are here to do while we are incarnated. For example, if your purpose is to be a healer, you would have several guides who worked with you specifically on improving your healing abilities so that you could step into that purpose. And because stepping into our purpose is how we manifest abundance in our lives, this is one of the easiest and most natural ways of accomplishing that.

In terms of manifesting, when we decide that we want something and we attempt to manifest it and create it, your Spirit Guides naturally guide you to make decisions and take actions that will help you manifest your desires. Even if those actions do not seem to make sense at the time, or like they will help you in the creation of your desires, often it is about creating an underlying energetic pattern or movement that will help you achieve a particular end result, or strategically put you in the right place and the right time for you to meet someone who CAN help you.

They work in conjunction with your Higher Self and your Conscious Self at all times to help you create the outcomes you desire for your life. They are always with you, watching you, hearing your requests and passing them on the appropriate Higher Powers for answering and to get you the additional assistance you need in your life. This is simply their job.

Please know that working with them during your manifestation process is essential, even if that simply means accessing their guidance or asking for their help. The return for doing that can simply be amazing, because they will not step in unless they are asked. Please also know that even if you cannot fully hear them, they are still with you always, guiding you to the very best possible outcome for yourself.

5 Comments on “Connect to your Spirit Guides to Manifest Abundance”

  1. mary jane allen

    I enjoyed this article, Sallie. It reminds me of how I found you. 🙂 I was guided to google “Spirit Guide and manifestation”! 🙂

    Wonderful for those who aren’t aware of what their guides can do for them! 🙂
    Love and Blessings,
    MJ 🙂

  2. Jcee

    Hi Sallie,
    How would you say we can connect to our spirit guides? Is there a formula or meditation or ritual that we can do? Do you have any information on that in regards to manifesting?

    1. Sallie Keys

      Hey Jcee! You can start by searching my blog. There is lots of info and articles there to help you get the info you need both on connecting to Spirit and Manifesting. I also have a course Connect to Your Spirit Guides that gives your the basics of connecting. Thank you for reading! 🙂

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