Soul Clearing for Financial Abundance, Part 2

soul clearing for financial abundanceIn my last article I talked about what a Soul Clearing for Financial Abundance can do for you. But let’s look at it in more specific terms. A Soul Clearing has so many components to it that without really breaking down the details of it you can’t fully understand or quantify it.

The first, and maybe the most important, aspect of a Soul Clearing is that it reconnects and realigns you with your Soul – WHO YOU ARE. So many of us spend WAY too much of our time feeling lost ad like we’re on the wrong path. That’s because we are.

Too many of us have lost sight of our unique Soul-level gifts and talents and the fact that we came here to express them to the world as part of our purpose. And when this happens, we are also sorely disconnected from abundance because for each of us, abundance lies in expressing our purpose to the world. So by regaining the awareness of who we are and what our purpose is, we automatically begin to reconnect to it and live it once again as we were intended, bringing us all that much closer to abundance.

Another extremely valuable aspect of a Soul Clearing is that it reconnects us completely with our internal and Spiritual guidance systems, including your Soul and your own personal team of Spirit Guides, Teachers & Angels. Having access to this guidance is completely invaluable – how many times have you been in a situation when you didn’t know what to do and really needed some help figuring it out. This aspect of the clearing solves that problem because you ALWAYS have a place to go for insight and ideas when you need it.

A Soul Clearing also focuses heavily on how our past negative experiences, including past lives, in are affecting our present lifetime. The reason why this is significant is because without realizing it, we tend to recreate the same negative scenarios, over and over again. Not only is this a vicious cycle, but it’s also extremely unhealthy for us as the cycle of negativity perpetuates itself. By having knowledge of these past experiences and clearing the negative energy surrounding them, we can move forward, breaking the cycle FOREVER.

How does this apply to your money situation?

When you set an intent to meet a financial goal before a Soul Clearing is conducted, what comes up in the clearing is precisely what is blocking you from achieving your income goal, and once those blocks are removed, you have no choice but to receive your desired outcome.

That’s not even to mention all of the opportunities that open up for you after a Soul Clearing. Not only have you woken up and reconnected to who you are and what you came here to do, but you are able to express it to the world and in turn, will attract more well-deserved opportunities than you ever knew you deserved.

Finally, the clearing helps to restore your energy bodies to their originally intended state of wholeness by repairing and activation your Spiritual DNA and your chakras, restoring energetic protection you were intended to have, removing energetic connections to others who are draining your energy, and realigning you completely with the positive energies that are a part of you that you may not be fully accessing such as Divine Abundance, Power, Wisdom, Manifestation and Healing.

Without full access to these energies, it’s like we are missing pieces of who we are because they are such an integral part of who we are at Soul-level. It’s what the Universe and everything in it is made of, so without full access to these energies, we are truly denying ourselves the abundance we deserve.

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