Financial Abundance Lies Within Your Soul

akashic records reading for financial abundanceWe tend to look outside of ourselves for all the reasons we are not manifesting or creating abundance in our lives. The problem is we’re usually looking in the wrong place.

The right place to look is inside ourselves, where all our past experiences and our perception of them lies. It is within those experiences that we can find the source of and the answer to why we are not experiencing the level of financial abundance we want in our lives.

If we look within ourselves rather than outside of ourselves, we can reconnect to the sources of abundance that lies within us. And there are many.

One of the most valuable assets we have that we tend to overlook is our Higher Self, or our Soul. It is your Higher Self that contains all the knowledge of your life purpose, what you came here to do, and how you intended to express your unique Soul-level gifts and talents in your daily life.

The value of this is often quite misunderstood for most of us, because there is a great deal of misunderstanding about what your life purpose really is and what it means to fulfill your purpose.

It’s simple really – by fully accessing YOUR unique gifts and talents and utilizing them as much as possible in your daily life, you are fulfilling your purpose.

Not only will you feel your best, mentally, emotionally, and physically, but you will also be the happiest you have ever been because you are truly allowing your Soul to shine through. And, as an added bonus, because you feel so good and are in such a fantastic energetic state, you will also manifest the best you ever have in your life.

Our Higher Self is also where we carry all of the blocks from past experiences that we need to clear in order to experience financial abundance in our lives. Because of this, going directly to our Higher Self, either by clearing it or communicating with it, can really give us the answers we have been missing for so long.

In fact, when I conduct an Akashic Records Reading and Energy Clearing, it is the Higher Self of the individual I’m doing the session for where I’m looking for the negative energy and also the place I remove it from. I do this by accessing the Soul’s history, looking for where the issue began, either in this lifetime or others, and getting the story behind it.

From this point of access, you truly get the broadest picture possible about how your past lives have contributed to creating your present lifetime and how you can move forward to create the future YOU WANT, rather than the one you don’t want.

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