Reclaim Your Power to Manifest Abundance NOW

Often when we are lacking in some area of our lives, it is because we are missing our own power in some form. Perhaps we have given too much of it away without realizing what that would mean for us in the long run. Or perhaps it was taken from us, or rather, we allowed it to be taken from … Read More

Akashic Records Readings to Manifest Abundance

How can an Akashic Records Reading help you manifest money and financial abundance? That’s a great question. Most people know the Akashic Records as a way to access their past lives. But it’s so much more than that. It’s literally the answer to any question you want to know, including why you do not have something you want for your … Read More

How Your Soul Group Leads You to an Abundant Life

When we talk about feeling disconnected and lacking abundance in our lives, the biggest reason for that is not knowing who we are at Soul-level. When we are not fully aware of and connected to WHO WE ARE at Soul-level, we simply CANNOT lead an abundant life, no matter what we do. When we don’t know who we really are, … Read More

Too Much Debt: The Energetic Connection

Do you feel like all you do is pay, pay, pay lately? Or you have so many bills and there is just no end in sight to them? Maybe it hasn’t always been like that or maybe it has for a long time. Regardless, there’s a reason for it. Obviously, you’re not directly in the flow of abundance if that … Read More

Shift Your Perspective and Kick that Addiction!

So many of us are literally trained to think that when we are addicted to a substance or activity, whether that’s a food addiction, television addiction, shopping addiction, alcohol addiction, smoking addiction, or a shopping addiction, that we either have to go to counseling or make a choice to give up the substance “cold turkey” to get our lives back … Read More

Shift Your Perception to Manifest Abundance NOW

We certainly have no trouble connecting to it when we are having a fantastic day where everything goes our way. So why do we have so much difficulty connecting to our innate state of abundance and light when things are just not going our way or we are having a bad day? We have simply forgotten. That’s all. We have … Read More