Akashic Records Readings to Manifest Abundance

manifest money with an akashic records readingHow can an Akashic Records Reading help you manifest money and financial abundance? That’s a great question.

Most people know the Akashic Records as a way to access their past lives. But it’s so much more than that. It’s literally the answer to any question you want to know, including why you do not have something you want for your life or why you keep having the same negative experience over and over again.

Why? Because by accessing your Soul’s history, you can go back to the very source where your problem began and find out what negative energy or “energetic baggage” you are carrying from that experience. It is also from this very place that you can clear away the negative energy you are still holding on to from those past experiences so you can move forward to manifest abundance in your life.

The reason why this works so well is because EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS ALREADY YOURS.

Quantum physics states that everything is already in existence in the realm of possibility within the Universe. In fact, before anything that is in existence today came to be, it was a thought or a desire in someone’s mind. So if that’s the case, why don’t you have everything you want?

The reason is simple – because SOMETHING IS BLOCKING THE FLOW.

This is where an Akashic Records Reading comes in to play and works beautifully. By accessing your Soul Record, you can find out what is blocking the flow of abundance to you. And if everything you want is already yours, just waiting to come into existence, and you clear away the blocks preventing it from coming to you, nothing can stop the flow any longer. What you want flows to you naturally and effortlessly because you have returned to the flow … the flow of who you really are – pure abundance.

By clearing away your blocks to abundance, you can finally experience what you desire for yourself and what you deserve for your life. The opportunities, ideas, and actions you need to take to create your desired outcome flow freely into your life. It’s no longer a question of if you will have what you want or not because you KNOW you will – you can finally feel it and connect to it.

All that’s left is for you to move forward to take the necessary actions create it. Clearing away the blocks through an Akashic Records Reading is precisely what allows that to happen with ease and joy, rather than fear and struggle.

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  1. Mickel Dori

    I have strong interest in having this Akashic Records Reading as soon as possible! Please get in touch with me.

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