How Your Soul Group Leads You to an Abundant Life

When we talk about feeling disconnected and lacking abundance in our lives, the biggest reason for that is not knowing who we are at Soul-level. When we are not fully aware of and connected to WHO WE ARE at Soul-level, we simply CANNOT lead an abundant life, no matter what we do.

When we don’t know who we really are, it’s like we try to find fulfillment in things that are just not right for us. And no matter what we try, we still feel unhappy inside and like we’re lost and living in lack. That’s because in a way we are.

So what’s the answer?

What’s missing from our lives is that we’re not truly connected to who we are at Soul-level, which means we are not fully connected to ourselves or to the abundance that naturally lies within us. We have truly forgotten who we are.

What is needed in this instance is a reminder of who we are and where we REALLY came from so that we can return to it mentally and emotionally – so we can once again reconnect to ourselves at Soul-level and move forward expressing those characteristics to the world. This is not only how we reconnect with ourselves, but also how we reconnect to abundance and start to see it show up in our lives again.

It all starts with learning what our Soul Group is – our Planetary Origin. Just like we have a birthplace on Earth, we also have a place where our Soul first incarnated. Each Soul Group carries with it traits and characteristics, just like you carry them from your hometown, and each planet of origination is unique in its own right, just as each and every Soul is unique in its own way.

Having a clear understanding of your Soul Group will help you understand yourself better with a much deeper awareness of yourself and the traits and characteristics you were instilled with during your time there. The reason why is because we carry these traits and characteristics forward with us each time we incarnate, and wish to express them during our time here.

Once we know what they are, we can allow ourselves to more fully express them and also allow ourselves to return naturally to the flow of abundance rather than fighting ourselves by trying to express characteristics that are truly not our own. There are other pieces to the puzzle as well that make up our Soul Design, such as your Archangelic Realm and Spiritual Order, but I will save those for another article.

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