Too Much Debt: The Energetic Connection

too much debt or spend too muchDo you feel like all you do is pay, pay, pay lately? Or you have so many bills and there is just no end in sight to them? Maybe it hasn’t always been like that or maybe it has for a long time. Regardless, there’s a reason for it.

Obviously, you’re not directly in the flow of abundance if that is the case, but you must also realize that our finances are a direct reflection of our inner energetic and emotional state. If we have a lot of debt or tend to spend too much money, it indicates that we are giving too much away, literally. Of course, spending can be its own issue, even an addiction of sorts, or maybe even a symptom of a larger problem.

But typically, when everything seems to be going out rather than coming in, we are on the losing side of things. That’s fairly obvious to us, since we are the ones readily experiencing it. But what does that mean at an energetic level?

The amount of money you put out is a direct indicator of how much ENERGY you are losing.

Maybe we are consciously and willingly giving it away, or maybe not. Maybe we have a larger issue with giving too much in general and it shows up in our financial situation. Regardless, at its very source, it is an energetic problem with a way to stop it by working on our body’s energy system directly.

The first thing that must be done in a situation like this is to identify where you are losing your vital source energy and then reclaim it by severing all energetic connections with others that are draining your energy – and there are many types of energetic connections that can drain your energy, such as cords of attachment. You must reclaim your energy and your power completely. By doing this, not only is your power returned to you, but you will also watch the flow of abundance and money return to you very quickly. You would be amazed at how quickly stopping others from draining your energy helps improve not only your finances, but also your outlook on life to a more positive one, as you watch yourself feel better again.

Once you have identified and severed all energetic connections, you must follow up by learning energetic protection methods to protect yourself better in the future and keep the same thing from happening again is important, so you must look at the larger issue of why you allowed yourself to be so drained in the first place. Often it’s a simple shift in perspective that we need so we understand that each of us has plenty of power within us and we don’t need to rely on others for energy or help others by giving them our energy.

It’s not always easy to realize this has happened, especially when the downward spiral of debt happens slowly or maybe you thought you were just fine, but all of a sudden you find yourself with a large bill you didn’t anticipate. Regardless of the situation, it’s coming up for you for a reason – for you to deal with it and move past so you can return to abundance and stop giving all your energy – and your money – to others to help them achieve their goals.

The solution is simple – reclaim your energy and your power TODAY.

Aren’t you ready to return to abundance?

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