Shift Your Perception to Manifest Abundance NOW

We certainly have no trouble connecting to it when we are having a fantastic day where everything goes our way. So why do we have so much difficulty connecting to our innate state of abundance and light when things are just not going our way or we are having a bad day?

We have simply forgotten. That’s all. We have forgotten how to reconnect with our inner positive state because we are so focused on the negative around us. It can trap us very easily into a cycle of negativity that we can’t seem to get ourselves out of. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the more negative we think, the more negative our lives will be. Unfortunately, we don’t see it that way at the time.

But there is a way out of it – by shifting our perception and shifting it quickly. Because what we need at that very moment when we have gotten ourselves so trapped in negative thinking that we can’t feasibly see our way out of it is one thing and one thing ONLY…


You want out of the situation you’re in, right? Well, let me ask you… just how bad do you want change? People say they want change all the time, but how many of them really mean it? How far would you go to feel better? What are you willing to do to make a change?

Think of the most drastic physical action you can take right now in this moment and go do it NOW, or as soon as you can. But don’t just think about it. You actually have to take action for your energy to shift to a more positive place. It’s that same motivating energy you experience when you set out to do something that also aligns you to a much higher place energetically than when you are simply sitting there being depressed about your circumstances.

That feeling of being stuck and stagnant is a call for you to MOVE and don’t stop until you see things start to shift around you! Maybe the reason you’re actually feeling down is because you are not being the creator you were designed to be.

So, instead of spending so much of your valuable energy and time feeling bad, thinking about how bad things are, and expressing how bad things are to yourself and the world, which only makes things worst by the way, why don’t you try looking for ways to make it better? Look for something you can do RIGHT NOW to drastically improve your situation… AND QUICKLY. Because the sooner you feel better the sooner you will step back into the flow of abundance.

So ask yourself right now, “What can I do RIGHT NOW to make this better?” and watch what happens.

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