Do You Know WHO to Consult for Spiritual Guidance and When?

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There are many sources available to each of us when we are in need of spiritual guidance or assistance. The key is knowing WHO to go to in each different situation to give you the best guidance available to help you in your time of need, and with guidance that can come from so many places, it can be hard … Read More

How To Trust The Messages You Receive From Spirit

Opening up your mind to receive messages from Spirit is not always the easiest thing to be able to do. For one, you have to be open to what you might hear. You also have to be willing to receive messages and allow them to come through to you, no matter what they are. You have to be open to … Read More

How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides: Use Your Imagination

Use your imagination to connect with Spirit

Continuing my discussion about how to connect with your Spirit Guides, I’d like to share with you one of the most popular ways I give my clients as an exercise to connect with their Spirit Guides … by using your imagination. Utilizing the skill to visualize and imagine can open up avenues of communication with Spirit that most of us … Read More

An Opportunity to Connect With Your Spirit Guides (and Why You’d Want to)

Do you have burning questions that you need answered but you don’t know where to look? Are you craving more clarity around something you know is vital to your success yet can’t seem to find it? Do you feel lost and longing for direction? The answers you seek are waiting for you right now within your spiritual “support system” – … Read More

The Importance of Accurate Spiritual Guidance

Each and every one of us has areas of our lives we would like to improve. The question we struggle the most with is HOW to do that. Perhaps even trying to figure out what we’re doing WRONG. It’s too easy to feel lost and confused about which direction to go in or how to make our lives better. We … Read More

What I Learned From Meeting the Council of Elders

I was reading a newsletter I received in my email from Robert Schwartz of (his work is truly amazing and if you haven’t read it yet, you should!) about Between Life Soul Regression, and it mentioned the Council of Elders. He talked about how they are a group of advanced beings that oversee all reincarnation and how during these regressions … Read More