How To Trust The Messages You Receive From Spirit

Opening up your mind to receive messages from Spirit is not always the easiest thing to be able to do. For one, you have to be open to what you might hear. You also have to be willing to receive messages and allow them to come through to you, no matter what they are.

You have to be open to the truth. This can be the hardest part.

Being open to the truth is a huge component of receiving accurate spiritual guidance because your helpers in Spirit are not going to lie to you. They speak the truth and they want you to hear it because the truth has the power to change your life. It is only through truth that true healing can come, and all the change that comes along with it.

This is also where trust comes into the picture, and what can be the most difficult part of receiving spiritual guidance. You have to be able to trust the wisdom and guidance you are receiving and that it is truth you need to hear. But how can you know that what you hear is coming from your Spirit Guides and not from your own mind or simply your own thoughts speaking to you?

The easiest way is to verify it.

Ask a question that you don’t know the answer to, perhaps something about the future or another person you know fairly well. Then simply wait to see what happens or try and find out if what you received in terms of guidance matches what the other person tells you.

Repeat this process several times to see if you are receiving accurate guidance. If you find you are, your trust in the messages you are receiving should automatically increase. If you find things are not matching up, it simply means you have more work to do. It means you either need to work on clearing blocks to receiving accurate guidance and communicating freely with spirit, or get more clearly defined on where your messages are coming from, both of which are very important aspects of receiving spiritual guidance.

Blocks to receiving accurate spiritual guidance can take on many forms and are typically from past negative experiences we have had. Clearing them away opens the way for messages form spirit to come flowing freely through to you. Getting more clearly defined on where your messages are coming from is a MUST if you are communicating with Spirit, because you want to always be the one in control of where you are getting your guidance from, and not some random outside entity, so be sure to set a clear intent for where you are getting your messages from BEFORE you start.

Most of all, please know that this is a process of building trust in your own ability to obtain spiritual guidance and healing wisdom from Spirit and is not necessarily something that will work perfectly overnight, but rather part of the journey you are on.

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