How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides: Use Your Imagination

Use your imagination to connect with Spirit

Continuing my discussion about how to connect with your Spirit Guides, I’d like to share with you one of the most popular ways I give my clients as an exercise to connect with their Spirit Guides … by using your imagination.

Utilizing the skill to visualize and imagine can open up avenues of communication with Spirit that most of us don’t realize are possible. Visualizing and imagining scenes and scenarios in your mind will actually help to exercise and open up the abilities of your Third Eye and clairvoyant abilities and for communication from Spirit to come through.

When you attempt to imagine or visualize something it creates the opportunity for your inner senses to work together to construct a full mental picture for you in your mind. When you get really good at visualizing, this can include not only pictures in your mind, but also sounds, smells and sensations just as if you were having a dream, but while you are wide awake and completely under your control.

The more you utilize your ability to visualize and imagine scenes and pictures in your mind, the more you will improve your clairvoyance. Then it’s only a matter of trusting the information coming to you is not simply a product of your own imagination (no pun intended), and is in fact, a message from Spirit.

And I do realize that trusting the messages you get can be one of the hardest parts of obtaining spiritual guidance, so it’s certainly not something simply achieved, as well as recognizing the difference between your own thoughts and true spiritual guidance, so it’s going to be a topic in a future blog post, but for now just work on opening up your ability to visualize and imagine and see what comes your way.

Start by imagining your favorite place to go to for vacation. Is it the beach for vacation? Or a mountain ski resort? Or would you rather be on a tropical island somewhere enjoying a raspberry margarita? Close your eyes and let your imagination take you there.

What does it look like and feel like? What sights, smells, and sensations are you experiencing? That’s just the beginning. Keep the visualization going. Do it every day, and imagine travelling to different places in your mind. Have fun with it!

Then, once you’ve exercised your imagination a good bit, try using your imagination and visualization skills to connect with your Spirit Guides. Imagine you are having a meeting with them. Where would it be held? A meeting room, perhaps? What do they look like? Do they have any messages for you?

Keep the visualization going as long as you can and do it regularly, expanding it and lengthening the time you spend with them more each time. The more you do it, the more you will strengthen your connection to your Spirit Guides and the easier it will become for you to receive messages from them through visualization. Soon you will be connecting them without much effort.

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2 Comments on “How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides: Use Your Imagination”

  1. Suzanne Gwynn

    I’ve had spiritual experiences since age 7, especially when I was in distress and needed them. I talk now with my father, one of my guides, through my medium and sometimes I am lucky enough to get messages from him and spirit guides on my own. I’d like to be able to connect when I want to and be more clairvoyant. Their information is so valuable and increases my feeling of oneness which is something else I’d like to manifest more.

    1. Sallie Keys

      Hey Suzanne! That’s great you communicate with Spirit on a regular basis. I have a great program called Connect to Spirit for Abundance designed to help you do more of just that. Please take a peek at it here:

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