What I Learned From Meeting the Council of Elders

I was reading a newsletter I received in my email from Robert Schwartz of YourSoulsPlan.com (his work is truly amazing and if you haven’t read it yet, you should!) about Between Life Soul Regression, and it mentioned the Council of Elders. He talked about how they are a group of advanced beings that oversee all reincarnation and how during these regressions individuals often have the opportunity to meet with the Council and have many of their huge life questions answered, gain a clear understanding of their purpose, why they came here, and even receive some significant healing.

So, it made me curious. And anyone who has worked with me or knows me also knows that my brain thrives on curiosity and in fact, it’s one of the reasons why I’m able to get to the source of problems for clients when others are not – because I ask LOTS OF QUESTIONS. (It drives my husband crazy though, I will admit. 😉 )

I am familiar with the Council of Elders from my work with the Akashic Records, but I wanted to dig a little deeper to find out more, so I did a Google search and found this article by Bob Olson from OfSpirit.com. Bob’s description of his experience meeting the Council sounded amazing and it made me wonder what that must be like (yes, there I go again wondering…).

Now, I’m not a big fan of regressions and I’ll tell you why. It’s not that they don’t work, because they do. But I don’t think they’re right for everyone all the time and they may not work in every circumstance for what you need. But I also think for some people they can be an amazing experience as well.

For me personally, and for what I do and what I specialize in (which is manifesting and I do LOVE manifesting!) that the experience of full regression is a bit too ungrounding for me and feels like it could make it more difficult for me to manifest what I want here on the physical plane, because grounding is so ESSENTIAL to successful manifesting. Not to mention, why on earth would I want to come back to my body if I got a full glimpse of the other side?? (that was a joke! 😉

All jokes aside, I do meditate and have even done regressions before, but what I really enjoy and work on honing is my ability to actively obtain guidance while fully alert, in control and communicating with others, just as I am able to receive channeled spiritual guidance while I am typing this article.

Well, what happened as I was thinking all of this was that through my channeling abilities, which I am truly grateful for by the way, is that the Council of Elders popped in to visit me, or perhaps part of me went to visit them. It was such a different energy that it was hard to mistake for something else. They are filled with such pure love for all of us – there is no judgment, just pure knowledge.

While I spoke with them, I was able to obtain guidance on quite a few things and I loved how broad their perspective was. I also received a clearer understanding of why certain circumstances existed in my life and what I was attempting to learn from them and why I had chosen to learn those lessons in the first place. It reminded me how hard it can be for us to see the big picture when it comes to our own lives, but also how very important that big picture can be.

It was truly an amazing experience and one that I won’t soon forget. And I will most certainly be adding the Council of Elders to my roster of “go to” beings for guidance when needed.

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  1. Dani Markovski

    Hi ….i am interinterested in a Pre-birth Planning Reading and to visit The Council of Elders.

    Can you you Assist me with this request please and what is your fee?


    Dani Markovski

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