Do You Know WHO to Consult for Spiritual Guidance and When?

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There are many sources available to each of us when we are in need of spiritual guidance or assistance. The key is knowing WHO to go to in each different situation to give you the best guidance available to help you in your time of need, and with guidance that can come from so many places, it can be hard to know unless you understand a few key principles.

Spiritual guidance is designed to help you find your way forward when you are lost and don’t know which way to go. It’s not meant to confuse you, although it can have that effect if you don’t know how to use it effectively.

The first place you should go for guidance ALWAYS and above all others is your personal team of Spirit Guides. They are there specifically to guide you and support you toward the fulfillment of your soul purpose and to help you create and manifest what you desire for your life. The reason why their guidance should be considered above all others is that they have the most objective perspective available to you AND their job is to help you and guide you.

The second place you should be seeking guidance from is your Higher Self, or your Soul, but only in certain circumstances. The problem with only seeking and following guidance from your Higher Self is that your Higher Self may not always be the most objective place to go for guidance. Your Soul has had the many experiences over many lifetimes that may have been negative in some way and as a result, your Soul is also the one that may have taken on negative energy from those experiences and is the one I clear for people.

As such, it can be influenced by negative programming it may be carrying like fear or anger or any other myriad of negative energy that can take on many, many forms. And the last thing you want when you are trying to get clear guidance and a way forward is be influenced by negative programming or a subjective view on something.

How do you know who to go to for what guidance and when? That’s the big question. The answer to that is pretty simple, actually.

Go to your Higher Self to look for ways to express your gifts and your purpose more fully – to look for ways to be more of WHO YOU TRULY ARE. Your Higher Self is the expert on YOU, after all.

In most other cases, however, you want to defer to your Spirit Guides for guidance. Examples would be when you are trying to decide between two choices or you have no clue what steps to take next. Your Spirit Guides will be able to provide you with the objective guidance needed to show you what you are missing because you are so focused on figuring out the ‘problem’ that you’ve gotten lost along the way.

Ultimately, you want to use both on a regular basis, and consulting your Higher Self is important and should be a regular practice, but the final say-so when it comes to making decisions and next steps forward should be given to your Spirit Guides.

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