Energetic Detox: Start the New Year Off Right!

soul juice detox

If you’re like me, you’re ready to get started moving forward to new and exciting things with the New Year at hand. Something to consider is that you might need to do some releasing from all the stress last year carried with it … no, you’re not the only one who was feeling it, I promise you! It might just be … Read More

Brain Function: Key to Manifesting

Your brain is the control center for your entire body. It not only controls everything you do, say, think and feel, but it is also in charge of your perception of the world around you and the way you respond to your world. It dictates how well you perform at tasks you set out to do, how successful you are … Read More

Confidence: Key to Manifesting

confident woman

One of the biggest keys to successful manifesting is KNOWING that you have the ability to make your desires a reality. That knowing only comes with confidence in your own ability to create. Having the confidence in yourself that you can create what you want and make it a reality is essential to manifesting because if you do not believe … Read More

Super Moon November 2016: Reflect, Release, & Manifest!

super moon november 2016

We are in the midst of experiencing a beautiful Super Moon which we will not experience again any time soon. This energy is powerful for us all and is symbolic of the energy of bringing our desires to fruition – creating and manifesting our desires into our physical reality. The power the full moon holds is immense for manifestation and creation. I … Read More

7 Things Every Conscious Business Owner Needs To Know: Offer What Feels Aligned

Conscious Business Success: Aligned Offers

What you offer your clients should resonate with them deeply. If you’re not hitting the proverbial “nail on the head,” so to speak, you may need to rethink what you are bringing forward into the world. Not only should it resonate deeply with them, it should have great meaning for you as well. I can’t stress enough the importance of feeling like … Read More

7 Things Every Conscious Business Owner Needs To Know: Who You Serve

Do you know who you are here to serve? I mean who you are really here to serve … not just who you think you are here for or the “ideal client” you identified when you led yourself with an exercise with your coach. That’s not who I’m talking about. You are here to serve someone and you might not be fully aware of who that is at this point. I … Read More