Confidence: Key to Manifesting

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One of the biggest keys to successful manifesting is KNOWING that you have the ability to make your desires a reality.

That knowing only comes with confidence in your own ability to create.

Having the confidence in yourself that you can create what you want and make it a reality is essential to manifesting because if you do not believe in your own ability to create and manifest, you will not be successful. It’s not more complicated than that.

KNOWING is everything when it comes to manifesting.

You must have a firm belief that what you desire WILL come into existence. You must be driven by a strong desire to make what you want a reality, and it must be a desire that is bigger than you are. There must be no questioning in your mind it WILL become a reality.

True belief in yourself is driven by a KNOWING and that comes with high levels of confidence in yourself and your ability to attract what you want. There is no end to what you can do when you unequivocally believe in yourself and your own abilities.

It all starts with taking a firm stance that what you want CAN and WILL be a reality. Being clear on what you want is essential, but what is even more essential is taking a firm stand for it and not letting it get away from you. And more often than not, getting what you want requires going after it to make it a reality, and that’s OK.

Taking action is essential to manifesting, but to take action, you must have confidence that the action you are taking will create the results you desire. You must know that what you are going after and you must take the correct, guided action. You must know that the action you are taking will produce the results you desire.

It is within that knowing, and only within that knowing, that what you want becomes very, very real … unmistakably real. So real in fact, that it cannot be mistaken for a fantasy any longer … instantly making it a reality.

That is the very point in time when you break through the bounds of what we call “reality” and you KNOW, without a doubt, that what you want has already come into existence.

There is no more questioning. It simply is.

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Sallie Keys is an experienced Akashic Records and Intuitive Development Expert, Manifestation Teacher, Transformational Healer & Spiritual Mentor for whom results matter most. She’s fiercely committed to empowering her clients with the ability to heal themselves and to obtain their own crystal clear, accurate spiritual guidance and get in their unique flow of abundance, so they can live the life of their dreams now.

2 Comments on “Confidence: Key to Manifesting”

  1. Kannan J

    What about Karma and limitations set during pre-life planning? Surely these cannot be overridden by will and desire right?

    1. Sallie Keys

      Thanks so much for your question Kannan. 🙂 Karma is something that can be cleared from the Soul and energy field. It is simply another form of limitation we place on ourselves by allowing our perception of our experiences to be negative. We do not have to be held back by limitations that we create for ourselves – prior to incarnating or during our incarnation. Truly, it’s up to us to what degree we hold ourselves back.

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