The Healing Power of the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is an extremely powerful healing tool when used to facilitate healing because you can find the source of any present-life problem, more specifically, where and how it began. It is within your Akashic Record that you can find the source of all illness, disease, and discourse within your human body. This includes just about any issue you might have including health problems, financial crisis, relationship issues, or mental or emotional difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, or anger issues.

You were not meant to be ill or unwell or out of alignment with health, wealth and planetary elements designed to bring abundance into your life.

The Akashic Records contains all of the knowledge of healing available to you within all of the cosmos if you simply know how to access it by going within, and make no mistake, going within is ALWAYS the place you should start when attempting to access your Akashic Record. It is the most profound healing tool you have available to you and should be your first line of defense when it comes to any issue you have to help you heal and resolve discourse in your life.

Accessing your Soul History through the Akashic Records can help identify the source of those issues to give you a deeper understanding and lead you to a potential resolution.

The Akashic Records is also the best place to conduct a healing for past negative experiences because you are working directly at the Soul-level, allowing you to tap the very core of a person’s being to find and clear out the negativity that has been causing them difficulty in their present-day life.

This can be anything: an imprint, or “stamp,” on the energy field from past experiences; a behavioral pattern that once served you, but is no longer conducive to your life journey; or a belief received genetically from family that causes you to act against your own best interest or in your highest good. These are just a few examples of the many possible energetic sources of problems that exist.

You can be healed simply by looking into your Akashic Record and finding the origin of a problem or where damage occurred and then initiating healing in that very spot in your Soul’s history.

By reviewing your Akashic Record and returning to the main point of origin of any illness or disease you have, you can easily find the point in your Soul’s history containing the information that needs to be healed so you can move forward with resolution to your issue, which can, in some cases, be quick and awe-inspiring if healing is conducted in the right manner and the correct place in your Soul history is found to repair damage.


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