Energetic Detox: Start the New Year Off Right!

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If you’re like me, you’re ready to get started moving forward to new and exciting things with the New Year at hand. Something to consider is that you might need to do some releasing from all the stress last year carried with it … no, you’re not the only one who was feeling it, I promise you!

It might just be the right time for what I like to call an “Energetic Detox.”

It struck me that it might be a really good idea to use a special technique I taught myself a while back to clear out anything old and lingering in my body so I could start the New Year on the best note possible.

The results were far better than I expected.

My thinking suddenly got a lot clearer and the cold I had been battling the past couple of days suddenly started to move out of my body. I even surprised myself with the results.

Whether you realize it or not, many of the substances you ingest or come into contact with leave energetic “imprints” in your physical body and your energy field.

This includes toxins and pesticides from your environment or foods you eat, prescription or over the counter medications you take, or even that glass of wine or beer you had the last time you went out to dinner. None of these things are necessarily bad, especially if they were needed or you enjoyed yourself in the process of coming into contact with them.

However, what you must realize is that your body WANTS to detox.

Detoxing is one of your body’s primary functions and does it on a regular basis to keep things working smoothly in your body, but if it can’t do it effectively, sometimes you need to help it do its job successfully, whether that means taking supplements or drinking extra water to detox.

But it’s not just at the physical level that your body needs help detoxing. It also needs help clearing out all those energetic “imprints” left behind from all those over the counter medications you have taken over the years or all those yummy holiday drinks and desserts you’ve been blissfully enjoying since Thanksgiving. 😉

What you may not realize is that those “imprints” left behind in your energy body not only allow the substance you came into contact with to hang around longer than necessary, but also get stuck in the energy field and block the natural flow of energy throughout your body.

Because these imprints block the natural flow of energy through the body, they can keep your body from naturally detoxing when it needs to, cause problems to linger and get “stuck” in the physical body, and they can even conceal deeper issues that need to be healed in the body.

This makes it super important that you help your body energetically release on a regular basis, just like you do physically.


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