Where Do You Go When You Die? The REAL Reason Why You Are Here

life after death

I recently got into an interesting discussion with a good friend and former client of mine, Kristie Notto. Kristie has just published a brand new book called Ignite Your Impact: How Entrepreneurs Can Share Their Light and Love to Transform the World, which, by the way, I highly recommend to all heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to get more deeply in touch with who they are while helping others do the same and creating massive change in the world.

Kristie and I both lost loved ones recently. She lost her grandmother last month, and my husband’s grandfather passed away last week, who was very much like a grandfather to me. It was another loss for me after losing my Aunt earlier this year and my father at the end of 2014.  And as many of you know, loss makes you stop and reevaluate things, your life, your connection to the world around you, and more importantly, the direction you want to take going forward.

In discussion, I mentioned to Kristie that when a Soul passes, they spend roughly the first 6 months afterward in what is called a “life review.” This is a process during which we review all of our experiences from the previous lifetime and gain a much deeper understanding of them. It is also the time when we miss them the most and I’m convinced the reason why is because they are so consumed with this process that it’s harder for them to communicate with us during that time.

Kristie, in her unending curiosity (love that about her!), found and sent me a link to an interesting article describing the life review process and what it is like for us. It gave me such huge insight and was the biggest reminder and validation for me of something I had all but forgotten and what I believe many of us today have forgotten… the reason WHY we are here.

When I was young, my father would always ask me, “Why do you think we are here?” And I would always respond in the same way. I would always say, “For love, Dad.”

It was something I innately knew and must have remembered from before I came into this life. I’ve carried it with me my entire life, and even if at times I feel like I’ve forgotten it, I’ve always returned to the memory of that knowing within me.

Love is the most powerful emotion in existence. It is the pure healing energy of Source and what we are all innately made of. We are each a product of the love of Source, whether we accept it or not. Love has the power to change and to heal. There is nothing more powerful than the love that Source has for us.

To deny it is also to deny Source and our very creation, in essence, denying who we are.

In truth, I fully believe that this is largely what the underlying purpose of The Awakening is – to return us to our true nature at it’s very Source – to return us to the pure heart-centered energy of Divine Love. Too many of us have forgotten for far too long who we are and what we came here to do, and returning to our very core, our heart, our Soul’s essence, is the best way to begin to remember.

I invite you to join me in becoming more in touch with who you are, what you really want, your truth, what is in your heart, and then share it with the world. I ask you to remember the REAL reason why you came here: TO LOVE … to feel love, experience it, share it, and rejoice in it when it is given to you.

I challenge you to dig deeper to find out who you truly are, then look at the underlying principles of the world around you to determine if the life you are living is really a good fit for you, and then to take a stand to change what no longer works for you.

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