How To Use Your Dreams To Manifest, Part 2

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In my last article, I talked about using your dreamtime to explore why you might be having difficulty manifesting something you want. Well, that’s not the only thing you can use your dreamtime for when it comes to manifesting. The other aspect of using dreams is not so much about obtaining knowledge – it’s about creating experiences. You can use … Read More

How To Use Your Dreams To Manifest

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Using your dreamtime can be one of the best times to manifest what you want. This is the time when you are most relaxed and you surpass your ego getting in the way. Often when something we want is not manifesting, but we really do need it to come into our reality, it usually simply means that something is out … Read More

How To Remember Dreams and Connect to Spirit

spiritual guidance from dreams

One of the best ways to connect to Spirit to get messages is through your dreams. You would be quite surprised the amount of messages and level of insight you can get from Spirit by utilizing your dreamtime effectively. The reason why “dreamwork” is so effective is that your mind cannot get in the way, and if you’re someone like … Read More