How To Remember Dreams and Connect to Spirit

spiritual guidance from dreams

One of the best ways to connect to Spirit to get messages is through your dreams. You would be quite surprised the amount of messages and level of insight you can get from Spirit by utilizing your dreamtime effectively.

The reason why “dreamwork” is so effective is that your mind cannot get in the way, and if you’re someone like me who thinks A LOT, it’s going to be one of the best ways to get messages, especially when you find you are troubled about something and need clarity, but can’t seem to find it another way.

It might not even be that you are not receiving messages during the day and you might be quite aware of those messages, but even still dreamwork can be an amazing compliment to help you gain more clarity and get to the source of an issue when you cannot do it during the day.

I’ve been quite shocked on several occasions to find out what the underlying source of an issue I was having REALLY was according to my dreams and I’ve truly been surprised at what I learned and what insight I’ve gotten and to the depth I did. I certainly had some pretty clear ideas on some of these issues, but the way the messages came through in my dreams could not be matched.

Conceptually, everything clicked so much better in some cases when it was a full scene with visual images right in front of my eyes or that I was playing a part in. I even received guidance on what needed to be cleared or healed, which is truly amazing when you’ve been “spinning your wheels” on something for days or weeks. And just like so many of us, it’s not the case that guidance wasn’t coming through. It was and plenty of it. What was missing in these cases where dreams came in so handy was the clarity I needed to understand the deeper aspects of the issue.

Dreams can show you what you’ve been missing and what you need to do going forward.

Learning how to remember dreams is probably the hardest part of using your dreamtime to your advantage but the best way to utilize it is to set a clear intent before you go to sleep: 1) for what you want answers to and 2) that you will remember the dreams you have and the messages you receive from Spirit while you are sleeping.

Be sure to keep something nearby that you can take notes on as soon as you wake up. This could be a notebook and pen, or using a notes app on your phone works well also. Doing so will help you get in the mindset of remembering and preparing yourself to take notes on everything you remember.

Another trick is to lay in bed for a bit when you first wake up and try to let the dreams come back to you. If they start to, be sure to replay them in your mind and allow them to come into your full awareness so even if you aren’t able to take notes on everything then, you will remember it later as well and get even more insight into the messages.

The opportunity that dreams have to offer to help you create a deeper connection to Spirit and gain the insight into your life you’ve been missing cannot be understated. Give it a try tonight and see what happens. You might be surprised!

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2 Comments on “How To Remember Dreams and Connect to Spirit”

  1. Carol

    I have regular dreams which I sometimes remember, and OBEs. My OBEs have been few compared to my regular dreams, but the difference is, my regular dreams are always in black and white, while my astral experiences are in color. When I have an OBE, I remember every detail without trying. Even for years after having one, it’s as fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday. I wish I had them more frequently.

    1. Sallie Keys

      That’s great you have that level of connection Carol! Dreams are a great way to access intuition and different levels of consciousness. They can be prophetic and give us great insight into ourselves, but also possible future outcomes. Be sure to keep a dream journal near your bed so you can take notes on what you see.

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