How To Use Your Dreams To Manifest, Part 2

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In my last article, I talked about using your dreamtime to explore why you might be having difficulty manifesting something you want. Well, that’s not the only thing you can use your dreamtime for when it comes to manifesting.

The other aspect of using dreams is not so much about obtaining knowledge – it’s about creating experiences. You can use your dreams to imagine what a scenario might be like. This is perfect for manifesting, because you can use your dreams to imagine what it would be like to receive what you are asking to manifest.

Just go to sleep thinking about what you want to manifest and wondering what it would be like to receive it or experience that outcome. It’s often the case that we will dream about what we go to sleep thinking about, so why not take full advantage of the opportunity your dream time creates to experience something positive – something you really want?

Say, for example, you want to manifest your dream life – the one you know you deserve, but have no clue where to start to create. Have you ever really sat down and thought about what that would be like? What it would feel like if you were to have the life of your dreams? Where would you live? What would you do each day?

Imagining what that would be like for you is the perfect way not only to help you clarify what you really want, but also to start manifesting it as a real possibility in your life.

In our world today, everything is at our fingertips. Visual entertainment of all kinds is just a click away. And don’t get me wrong, it does serve its purpose at times. It’s great to disconnect emotionally from the stressors of life to a good movie, but many of us use it all too much, and we’ve gotten too far away from simply using our imagination.

Imagination is one of the key components of creation and manifestation.

And what better time to try using your imagination then when you are drifting off to sleep? Why not influence your dreams in a positive way rather then letting them control you with the negative stressors of your day?

Use the same process where you set a clear intent to remember your dreams and go to sleep wondering what it would be like if your dream manifested. Experience it, have fun with it! The beauty of it is that it’s your dream. You can create anything you want there.

When you wake up, and remember your dreams, ask yourself – what did it feel like? Remember what it felt like and let that feeling stick around for a while and guide you through your morning in a positive way.

Carry the experience with you throughout your day and do it again each night for a while if you need to. Remember, the more you experience the feeling of the outcome you are trying to create, the more likely you will be to broadcast it into the world, and as a result attract it back to you.

Why not wake up feeling amazing and inspired to try something new for a change because you had a peaceful, restful night’s sleep?

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