How To Use Your Dreams To Manifest

manifest through your dreams

Using your dreamtime can be one of the best times to manifest what you want. This is the time when you are most relaxed and you surpass your ego getting in the way. Often when something we want is not manifesting, but we really do need it to come into our reality, it usually simply means that something is out of alignment.

The question then becomes “what am I missing?”

What this means is that perhaps there is something you need to do that you are not doing, or perhaps you are even asking for the wrong thing for you at the time. Because desire plays such a huge part in manifestation success, meaning you really have to want what you are asking for in order for it to manifest, if you don’t really want what you are attempting to manifest, it simply won’t happen. You won’t have enough energy to contribute to the creation of it.

So, when something is not manifesting in your life and you think it should be, it’s time for you to take a deeper look at why. Your dreams are the perfect time and place to do that.

As I mentioned in my last article on dreams, setting a clear intent before you go to sleep to give you the answers you seek and also to remember your dreams when you wake up is the best way to utilize your dreamtime to your benefit, because you can go to sleep allowing yourself to receive the guidance you need AND remember it when you wake up.

Our minds are so busy and overloaded these days that many of us don’t get the downtime we need to open ourselves to the guidance we need, so using your dreams for this is a great alternative to meditation if you simply don’t have time for that. Also know that the more you practice it, the easier it will get.

So, if something is blocking your manifestation from occurring, set the intent before going to sleep by asking:

“What do I need to do to manifest (fill in the blank here with what you want)?”

Then rest your weary mind, which has probably been stressing over you not being able to create what you want, and simply allow the answer to come to you.

I mean how good would it feel to just let go of trying to figure out the answer to the problem you’ve been trying to solve and for someone just to tell you the answer? wouldn’t you know then for sure that was exactly what you needed to do?

If the answer came to you out of the blue in a dream that wasn’t a thought driven and coordinated by your mind actively at work trying to figure out a solution, wouldn’t that be awesome? Why not give it a try and see what happens?

What harm would it do to let go of your problem just for once and let Spirit take the wheel?

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