Heal Past Trauma with Soul Clearing: Key to Abundance

Most of us have had past experiences we would probably rather not think about or readily remember. Last week’s traumatic events at Fort Hood certainly are no exception to that. As a military spouse and a resident of the Fort Hood area, the tragedy struck a bit too close to home for me. As I watched the events unfold in … Read More

Healing the Mind with Soul Clearing

Psychological “disorders” are a regular part of our society these days. With diagnoses like Autism and ADHD consistently on the rise, we can’t help but sit up and pay attention and wonder what’s happening to our world and especially the younger generations. It’s so much harder for them these days than it’s ever been before, but there’s also a lot … Read More

Have You Forgotten How To Feel Good?

Most of our blocks to having and manifesting what we want come from not being able to connect to the feeling of it. This happens a lot because we don’t feel GOOD. Maybe we’ve been ill or slightly depressed because things are not going exactly how we want for our lives, and that has us feeling not so hot. So … Read More

Feeling Lost? Ask Spirit For Help

We all have those times when we feel out of sorts, like things aren’t quite right and we feel lost in some sort of perpetual fog we can’t quite find our way out of. We automatically tend to look for what is “wrong” so we can “fix” what we think the “problem” is. What we’re often missing is that sometimes, … Read More

The Choice NOT to Feel is ALWAYS a Negative One

While it may seem that simply NOT feeling pain is a way to navigate negativity, I assure you, the choice NOT to feel is ALWAYS a negative one. It’s truly unfortunate to me, and very sad, indeed, when someone actively chooses to ignore the damage that negativity has caused in their life by simply saying it doesn’t bother them. What … Read More

Our Relationship with Ourselves is the Most Valuable Relationship

Just like our outer state is a constant reflection of our inner state, how we view ourselves is a consistent reminder of who we are and how much we value ourselves. We also express that state outwardly constantly as we move throughout our day and that state of being is the energetic magnet that attracts many of our experiences to … Read More