How to Shift Your Perception to Lose Excess Weight

Shift Your Perception to Lose WeightIn my last article, I talked about shifting your perception so that you don’t take on as much negative energy when you find yourself in negative situations or around negative people. The answer to dealing with this is to find a reason and motivation to change how you view your experience in your mind.

Start by asking yourself what you are losing when you feel negative emotion or energy. Ask yourself what is your biggest motivator and how feeding others your energy affects that or reduces that in your life. Say it’s money, for example. How does you losing your energy to others affect your money situation? Does it reduce it? Of course it does.

When you see just how detrimental allowing your energy to go to others rather than yourself truly is, you very quickly find a way to stop it from happening.

What you will find is that the hold that others have on you weakens as you consciously make the choice to stop them from draining your energy. It is possible to take you power back and it all starts with a CHOICE – the choice NOT to allow it to happen any longer.

Somehow it’s no longer about what others are “doing” to you (victim mentality), but more becomes about how you can access the good that resides within you regardless of what is happening around you. And you will very quickly find that by focusing on the inner rather than the outer, that the outer world very quickly responds in a positive manner.

So, try responding more positively to negative situations (internally and externally) and see if that doesn’t shift things for you. Don’t continue to allow yourself to be drained. Turn off the valve that feeds others your valuable energy. For it is the EXPRESSION of your emotion that gives your energy to others, regardless of whether or not you express it to them directly. Feeling it internally is one thing. Expressing it is another entirely.

Once you are able to control the output of you energy, see if that doesn’t make a huge difference in both your eating habits AND what the scale says.

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