Create the Life of Your Dreams with Soul Clearing

The spiritual and energetic healing work that I do is based on the idea that our Universe, in its natural state is a truly abundant and wonderful place where we can have anything we desire – we only have to ask for it. Now I know this might sound rather farfetched to some of you who feel like you are … Read More

How Cutting the Cords Can Change Your Life

Energetic cords are fairly passive two-way energetic connections that can drain our energy. They can come from either positive or negative Souls and their effects are very subtle. We can create cords with just about anyone we have a relationship with, whether that be a parent, friend, family member, or even a co-worker. Cords are usually formed when we create … Read More

How Chakra Imbalances Affect Your Life

There are different beliefs about how many chakras are held within the body and which the primary ones are. Think of a “chakra” as an “energy center”— there are many energy centers within the body, such as in the palms of our hands. In today’s culture, most of us focus on the seven major chakras that extend from the base … Read More

Be Open to Possibility

So often we think we know what the outcome of something is going to be, but often what we don’t realize is that we may actually be creating that out come by insisting we know what will happen. Our thoughts are more powerful than we realize at any given time, and if we put emotion behind them, they can become … Read More