Create the Life of Your Dreams with Soul Clearing

The spiritual and energetic healing work that I do is based on the idea that our Universe, in its natural state is a truly abundant and wonderful place where we can have anything we desire – we only have to ask for it.

Now I know this might sound rather farfetched to some of you who feel like you are so used to struggling for every positive step forward in your life. But I promise you, it’s true.

How can this be, you wonder? When you find so many days such a struggle? Why isn’t it easier for you if this is really true?
Well, look at it like this: if the Universe is truly that wonderful, abundant, amazing place it is claimed to be, and you can truly have anything you desire here, than why don’t you have it?

The question you SHOULD be asking is:

What is BLOCKING you from having what you desire and deserve?

When you look at it in this manner, things can seem quite a bit different for you because you are making the statement to the Universe that you truly believe you can have whatever you want. Now it’s just a matter of finding out what is blocking you and simply removing it.

So how do we achieve what it is that we so deserve? It’s quite simple, actually. By clearing away the blocks that are keeping us from having what we desire and so greatly deserve, we suddenly become fully aligned with all that is good and are able to naturally receive it with ease and joy.

Let’s look at an example…

Say, for instance, you wanted a monthly income of $10,000, or you wanted a new job in another career field that you’ve always dreamed of, or a mate with certain qualities, and up until now you just haven’t been able to achieve or secure any of these things in your life, no matter how hard you try. Your dreams until now have remained completely elusive to you. Intellectually, you know it is possible, but you can’t quite figure out how to make your dreams happen.

The reason why is that there are blocks in the form of negative energy keeping you from achieving your goals and dreams. This negative energy comes from past experiences, both in this lifetime and others that you have taken on so you do not experience these things again. It’s like a form of ‘baggage’ that we take on so we do not forget what we have been through and allow ourselves to go through it again. The problem is that these blocks we have allowed into our lives, as both part of our learning experience and also as a protective mechanism, keep us from having the things we want and creating our lives the way we both want and so greatly deserve.

What forms do these blocks come in? Well, to be honest, there are many.

Some of them are forms of negative energy that you may have heard of like curses and spells and entity attachments, but there are many others. In fact, I have made it my personal business to research the many forms of negative energy in existence that keep us from achieving and receiving our dreams, and then finding ways to make them disappear from our lives and our energy fields.

I have researched and cleared more than 50 different types of negative energy for clients on a regular basis and have seen many now go on to create and receive the outcomes they so greatly long for and deserve to have. It never ceases to amaze me, no matter how much clearing I do, that an act as simple as finding these blocks and removing them can almost seem like magic when I hear back from one of my clients that the goal they were working toward has come to fruition. It makes my work extremely fulfilling and brings me great joy.

By accessing your Akashic Record, I can ask what is it that is stopping you from having that dream job or partner or achieving the level of income you desire? Once I am able to find the blocks I can clear them in the very same I way I clear any other form of negative energy from your Soul record. It’s just that in this case, clearing the negative energy can help you CREATE something good in your life instead of just moving away from something bad in your life.

So, if you really want to create the life of your dreams, there is only one way to do it, in my opinion: by clearing away the blocks that are stopping you from having it.

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5 Comments on “Create the Life of Your Dreams with Soul Clearing”

  1. Rika

    Very interesting and true. Everything is possible, but the blocks in our subconcious, emotional and childhood programming can sabotage our best efforts.

  2. admin

    That is SO TRUE Rika! We just have to believe and stop getting in our own way! :~)

    Thanks for reading! :~)

  3. Becky

    Love to see more and more people opening up to this energy that is coming down on this Earth! Alot of times our blocks can come from past lives! One clue as to what our blocks are, is to look at recurring issues! Great article 🙂

    1. admin

      That is exactly right, Becky! Every block we have is almost self-created in a way from our own past experiences and our fears of ‘bad’ things happening to us. You nailed it when you said to look at our recurring issues and patterns. Those are some of our biggest clues right there, because we will continue to attract and recreate the same circumstances over and over again unfortunately, until we do something to change it.

      Thanks for reading! :~)

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