Be Open to Possibility

So often we think we know what the outcome of something is going to be, but often what we don’t realize is that we may actually be creating that out come by insisting we know what will happen. Our thoughts are more powerful than we realize at any given time, and if we put emotion behind them, they can become even more powerful. And if our thoughts and emotions are filled with worry and fear over how things might work out, that energy will entangle with the thoughts of the outcome we DO want.

Instead of reacting with worry and fear, the way to ensure an outcome is more about KNOWING it will happen, rather than wondering if it will. Knowing is very different from believing that something will happen. Knowing means being CERTAIN about something through every ounce of your being. There is no question about whether or not it will happen – it is as if it is already determined that it will happen, and that’s exactly how you must think and feel about the situation, no matter what it is.

It’s that kind of certainty that allows us to move beyond the fear and just go for it, rather than worrying our way through a situation. And this may be easier said than done in some situations, but it’s definitely worth a shot isn’t it?

After all, you can start by trying it with an issue that is not super significant. Try opening yourself up to the possibility that it just might turn out positively, no matter what that might mean. After all, who are we to know all of the possibilities that lie out there for us? There could be doors out there just waiting to open for us that we never imagined, so it’s only in our best interest to give it a chance.

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