Why You Need to Connect to Spirit

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Why You Need to Connect to Spirit

The thing we are not doing enough collectively, as individuals, and as human Souls is strengthening our connection to Spirit. Why is this so important?

The more connected you are to Source, to God, and to the Universe, the more your Soul can communicate through you, which is the primary reason you are here. Anything else is a waste of your time and to be honest, everyone else’s, including your Soul connections, your people, your “tribe.”

The more connected you are to yourself, the more connected you will be to your Soul family, your people. And the more that happens, the more you will begin to remember WHO YOU ARE as a Soul, allowing your Soul to fully ground itself into your body so it can come through you to fully express itself.

If that’s the case, you’re not living to your highest potential as a human being and you’re limiting yourself by not healing yourself to allow the full capacity of your Soul to come through.

If you’re not fully experiencing WHO YOU ARE, you’re not truly living.

You’re also missing the Soul connections you should be experiencing. It’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to your Soul’s growth. Your Soul, after all, is the reason you here. Your Soul wants to grow and learn and experience. If it can’t it’s only being limited by your conscious choice NOT to allow it to shine through into your physical existence.

That’s why it’s so important to connect to Spirit. The next thing you need to understand is how.

So many of us are getting more and more in touch with our gifts, and it’s impressive, to say the least. But do we all understand the importance of becoming a clear channel for Spirit to come through and are all of us all working as hard as we possibly can to achieve it?

What can you do personally to strengthen your connection to Spirit, to Source, to God and the Universe … to be more of WHO YOU ARE?

We can all find strength and power in our connection to Source, and to me it starts by reaching out to get help when you need it from other healers and intuitives so you can grow more quickly along your path by clearing away what is blocking us from our connection back to Source. None of us should go it alone. We need the perspective of other healers to help us advance along our path, but you should also feel like the people you consult with are individuals you trust. That’s probably the most difficult aspects of connecting to others, but that doesn’t make it any less necessary.

Shutting people out that you should be letting in – the ones you know you can trust – the Souls you have a strong connection to, is simply shutting down an integral part of who you are, because your Soul connections are just as much a part of you as you are a part of them.

This is simply a way of avoiding your own issues because those Souls closest to you that know you the best are only there to help you by connecting to you. It’s our job to help one another and you have a very specific job as a Soul… to allow yourself to grow.

Fostering and allowing Soul connections to happen is part of that growth so that you can better connect to Spirit and improve your ability to receive guidance from Spirit. I’m not saying connect with anyone and everyone on a Soul-level, but there are individuals that are in your life for a reason. Don’t deny the opportunity for growth by shutting them out.

They are there for a reason – to help you grow and advance spiritually, all with the goal of reconnecting you to Source, helping you connect to Spirit, and ultimately to your truest Self … your SOUL.

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