Past Life Regression vs an Akashic Records Reading

past livesAnytime the subject of exploring past lives is discussed, things can get very interesting. Especially when the topic of past life regression is touched on. Having a past life regression typically means utilizing hypnosis, or perhaps even a deep form of meditation, to reenter your past lifetimes and experience them once again.

The idea is that by experiencing them again, you can get directly to the source of problems you are currently having and achieve an emotional resolution by understanding the source where it first occurred more fully. What is meant to happen is that deep exploration leads you to healing awareness.

The problem with it, however, is that while you are experiencing the events once again, you will also typically have to experience the emotion and pain you felt as well. While this may be quite valuable in its own way, and may be just what some individuals need in order to fully understand something about their past, it can also be extremely painful and difficult to process, and not necessarily in the best interest of the one who needs to be healed.

Not to mention, you could possibly open a portalway to a past life that you have difficulty closing and moving on from simply because the emotion from those experiences you just revisited left such an impression on you that you simply can’t get it out of your mind and you find yourself dwelling on it, trying to make sense of it, exploring it further, when really what you need to be doing is letting it go. This can become a block and a distraction for you later.

While an Akashic Records Reading can be used for the exact same purposes, it is the reader who is revisiting the past lives for you, rather than you experiencing them once again. This allows you to revisit your past lives, but from a much more objective standpoint and without any emotion involved. Depending on the reader conducting the session for you and the focus of the reading, a detailed description of the past lives can be given or simply a short one.

When I conduct readings, I only use a simple description of the situation that occurred in the past lifetime because the focus of the reading is always to identify and clear away the negative energy that the client is still carrying from the past experiences. Because the focus is always moving forward, I don’t spend much time looking back. Achieving the awareness is important, as is understanding how you came to be in your current circumstances, but even more important is the ability to move on from it and create something new and wonderful and better for yourself.

The other wonderful aspect of an Akashic Records Reading is how versatile it is. It can be used to clear negative energy from experiences in your present lifetime as well and can be used to help you create specific outcomes you desire for yourself and your life by clearing away what is blocking you from achieving that outcome.

Clearing can be conducted during a Past Life Regression, but typically it is targeted to specific forms of connections to that past experience, such as entities or contracts, and maybe a few other types. An Akashic Records Reading is far more efficient in that it looks for MANY types of connections to past experiences and multiple lifetimes can be covered in one session simply because not much time or energy is spent on any one experience and you are not focusing on the emotion elicited by the experience. It’s much more objective, and much more freeing, in my opinion, because it very quickly allows you to identify what you need to so that you can move on from it with as little distress as possible.

Even still, there are times when exploring the emotion from your past can be beneficial, as we are all truly here for the maximum learning experience possible. That’s why it’s important the next time you are considering exploring your past experiences to ask yourself whether or not you want or need to do it from a more objective place or not. Just remember that if you do choose to fully revisit your past that you still want to learn from it and move on from it, rather than remain there for too long.

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  1. Diana McManus

    I’ve been doing past life regressions since 1994 and find them very healing.for myself and my clients. I use a tool of light for healing. I find that having the experience is most healing. I have done past life readings with people, but I always encourage them to experience it for real healing. I would like to know more about reading the akashic records since it gets into more about the personality of the client.

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