How to Get Past Your Fear and Into Your Purpose

We talk a lot about purpose and how to find out what that is so we can go out and do it. The whole idea behind purpose is that once you find out what it is and you step into it and integrate it into your life that you will be fulfilled and happy and as a result do the … Read More

Truth: Your Most Powerful Healing Tool

To know your truth, and the truth of those around you is THE most powerful thing you have. It’s your biggest ally when it comes to healing yourself and your loved ones. You can’t deny the truth. You can’t hide from the truth. Your truth is your reality and your reality is your truth. There’s just no denying it. You … Read More

Mantras and Affirmations: A Manifestation Technique

The spoken word has always had great power and always will. It serves many purposes, among them transmitting energy as intent or communicating messages or ideas. If we have a desire or intent we wish for ourselves and our lives, it can solidify it and give us a means of expression for it to set our desires in motion. This … Read More