Truth: Your Most Powerful Healing Tool

your truth is your realityTo know your truth, and the truth of those around you is THE most powerful thing you have. It’s your biggest ally when it comes to healing yourself and your loved ones. You can’t deny the truth. You can’t hide from the truth.

Your truth is your reality and your reality is your truth. There’s just no denying it.

You create and recreate your reality constantly as you define your truth – the truth of WHO YOU ARE.

But how does the truth heal? Because when you really get to the truth, the truth that you have been hiding from yourself all along, you can finally find out what the source of your problem is and what it is that needs to be healed. When you access the underlying truth, healing can finally begin.

When you speak your truth, you allow yourself to be healed. You allow yourself to express the truth that resides within you. You allow yourself to access the freedom you deserve to speak your truth to the world and surpass the fear that has been holding you back for so long.

That is what truth can do for you.

The longer you hide from your truth, the longer you delay healing and the longer you push away a truly happy life. Your truth is often all that is standing between you and true happiness. You simply cannot experience abundance if you are lying to yourself and everyone else around you. Believe it or not, it takes far more energy to maintain a negative state than it does to allow yourself to be in your natural, positive state.

Unfortunately, our fear tells us otherwise. Our fear lies to us and tells us that we are frozen and unworthy of experiencing good. Our fear keeps us from moving forward as a way of “protecting” us, but it’s not really protection at all. It’s just powerlessness in disguise.

If you remember nothing else from from this article, please remember this …

Your fear is NOT your truth.

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  1. corey lynch

    Thank you sallie! Sometimes it really helps to know that i am not alone in my search to remeber my true path

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