How to Get Past Your Fear and Into Your Purpose

soul purpose life purposeWe talk a lot about purpose and how to find out what that is so we can go out and do it. The whole idea behind purpose is that once you find out what it is and you step into it and integrate it into your life that you will be fulfilled and happy and as a result do the work you truly love to do. And in doing so, abundance will come to you effortlessly because what you do will never feel like work.

It can be hard to conceptualize the idea of this if you have had difficulty finding one career that you love or you know what you love but it seems impossible that you could ever do it for any number of reasons. The reason we feel that way may be due to past experiences that left us afraid of fulfilling our purpose. It doesn’t mean that it is not possible for us to fulfill our purpose by any means. It just means we need to get past the fear of it.

And believe it or not, that’s not that hard to do, even if it seems insurmountable at the time. I promise you it’s not. Clearing usually does the trick, along with opening up your mind to the possibility of something new and amazing in your life. It truly is possible IF we allow it.

By taking fear out of the equation, you can step fearlessly into your purpose and find the truth within yourself that you ARE powerful and you can be successful and truly abundant in a career that you are amazing at, and one that feels effortless to you – something you were truly born to do.

It CAN and DOES happen.

The truth is many of us already know what our purpose is on some level and we may already have integrated it into our life at some point or in any number of ways. With a lot of clients, I find that they have done it in the past and absolutely loved it or they have a strong longing and desire for it, yet just haven’t been able to make it happen.

Regardless of the situation, please know that it truly IS possible to step away from your fear and into the purpose you were born to fulfill in this lifetime.

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  1. Susan

    I’m being drowned in the negative forces surrounding me. Of which family is involved. They are constantly blocking me from the freedom to be able to have the necessary tools in life to proceed without doubt, guilt, shame & lack of encouragement, lack of resources and lack of any support needed to move me in my right direction. I’m in a constant state of panic. What should I do? My life can’t stay in this position to the end, or is this it? Susan

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