Mantras and Affirmations: A Manifestation Technique

affirmation, manifest moneyThe spoken word has always had great power and always will. It serves many purposes, among them transmitting energy as intent or communicating messages or ideas. If we have a desire or intent we wish for ourselves and our lives, it can solidify it and give us a means of expression for it to set our desires in motion. This can be done in a manner as simple as making a wish for something out loud to another person.

When we speak, the energy of what we say carries and we don’t always realize how far it can or does go. We don’t always understand who may hear us. Often times, we begin to manifest without realizing it, because our helpers in Spirit are always listening to us and there to help us carry out our desires and make them a reality.

Having the simple knowledge and understanding of how powerful the spoken word truly can be, we can utilize it as manifestation tool. Simply stating our desires out loud can be more powerful than we realize. Affirmations are a great example of this to start the manifestation process because we are announcing to the Universe the outcome we want to create as if it has already happened.

Another really great manifestation technique using the spoken word is that of a mantra. Similar to an affirmation, it’s something we can repeat over and over throughout the day. More like a chant, it’s catchier than an affirmation and the more we say it, the more we connect to it energetically. An affirmation allows us to state a truth about our desired reality, but a mantra to me feels so much more about what we are. It’s a great way to shift your reality and your truth very quickly. Remember, your truth is your reality and your reality is your truth.

Try making up your own mantra for something you want and say it throughout your day. See how you feel by the end of the day. Here’s an example to get you started: “I am the powerful creator of my own existence.”

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