5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Mood in Minutes

There is a simple technique I use in my work that helps to dramatically and instantly improve mood and raise your energetic vibration to one that is much more positive. And all it involves is changing the way you breathe for a few moments… Step 1: Very simply, pause what you are doing, close your eyes, and take a deep … Read More

In Honor of Relationships

As I walked into the grocery store this evening I was reminded by the multitude of balloons and flowers that Valentine’s Day is, once again, upon us. How could I miss it? :~) I think too often we forget what value relationships with others brings into our lives and just how important they are to our overall health and well-being. … Read More

Why Clearing Negative Energy Is So Effective

Clearing negative energy is an essential part of moving forward in life. It is often the case that we become very comfortable in our current life circumstances and many of us are creatures of comfort, so that suits us just fine. But what about when we strive for something new? When we step outside of our comfort zone? What happens … Read More

The Secret to Figuring Out Your Life Lessons

  Have you found yourself experiencing the same problems over and over again? The same “themes” that keep reappearing in your life? Have you wondered why more times than you can count? Perhaps made you feel like banging your head against a wall or even pulling your hair out some days?   Well, chances are, that the reason why is … Read More