In Honor of Relationships

As I walked into the grocery store this evening I was reminded by the multitude of balloons and flowers that Valentine’s Day is, once again, upon us. How could I miss it? :~)

I think too often we forget what value relationships with others brings into our lives and just how important they are to our overall health and well-being. Whether they are friends or family or love relationships, it is often our interaction with others that not only teaches us things but also allows us to find healing and growth in our lives.

When I think back over my life there are plenty of days where I really just wish that I was alone and didn’t want to be bothered with anything but my favorite TV show, much less the world. But after having my quiet time and I am able to reclaim my sanity, I am always grateful for the people and relationships in my life.

Relationships allow us not only to interact with others, but also to learn an entirely new perspective on life and help us to grow in ways we can’t even imagine. The simple interaction between two people provides opportunities for growth and development of our very human nature beyond just our time together.

The thoughts and insights we receive after we get together with friends because of discussions we had while together bring us learning experiences for days and months to come. That alone is priceless. And that’s not even to mention the energetic interactions that take place when we are around others. Some good and some bad, of course, but always of value for the knowledge we obtain no matter how the interaction turned out.

So, the next time you feel that pull to be alone or feel a sense of difficulty in your relationships, remember there is always something there to be grateful for. Sometimes, we just need a little break to remember it. :~)

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