Why Clearing Negative Energy Is So Effective

Clearing negative energy is an essential part of moving forward in life. It is often the case that we become very comfortable in our current life circumstances and many of us are creatures of comfort, so that suits us just fine.

But what about when we strive for something new? When we step outside of our comfort zone? What happens then?

What we will find is that the concepts, ideas, and beliefs that have served us for so long and have become a part of our energy field will actually keep us from progressing forward. And this isn’t something we can see with our eyes or even really perceive. We only know that things are not going well for us and we don’t really know why. We just know we wish it would get better and easier.

What we don’t realize is that it IS supposed to be better. Many of us will endure what we refer to as “tough times” for months or even years, not thinking anything of it other than that’s just the way it was “meant to be.” But why would Spirit want us to suffer so much? Ask yourself that.

Yes, I’m all for learning through experience, and it’s certainly not going to be easy all the time, but there is often more that we can do to improve any given situation than we realize and this is where clearing work comes into play.

A belief or emotion that may have served us at one time to help us get through one of those “tough times” and may have been a positive or supporting factor can actually be holding us back when we try to move to a new set of circumstances or place in life. In short, what once helped us may now be hindering us.

Once the energy that is keeping us from progressing has been identified, clearing it allows us to move into alignment with that new, more positive state of being we wish to be in alignment with. This opens us to entirely new opportunities that are along the path we wish to take. We are finally able to find that level of fulfillment we seek, but only because we have let go of the old limiting patterns, beliefs, and emotions that were keeping us stuck.

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