What is the Soul?

soul purpose, akashic records readingThe definition of the word Soul is “the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal” and “the essence or embodiment of a specified quality.”

I like the definition because it is so true. The word Soul has so much meaning behind it in many ways. It is truly your reason for existing, and yet it is the essence of you. It is the reason for you being alive. If it weren’t for the Soul, you would have no reason to be, to exist, to learn, or to grow. You simply would not have a reason to incarnate without the Soul’s desire to experience things through a physical body.

Just like your Soul is part of you, you are part of your Soul and as important to him or her as he or she is to you. Your Soul has experienced so much over many lifetimes and truly has a wealth of guidance and wisdom to share with you. Just like you, as your Soul grows through many experiences, it gains more and more wisdom over time. It also hones its gifts and abilities over time and works to express them more fully all the time.

Your Soul has likes and dislikes and areas of specialty and special gifts and talents – all of which shine through you each and every day. Your Soul works through you constantly to express its gifts and to help others and to fulfill its purpose for being. It’s the driving factor behind so many things that we do. It deserves so much acknowledgment because it is WHO WE ARE. The more you connect with your Soul and allow it to work through you, the more you will experience your Soul and all the wonderful things it has to offer you. There are many amazing gifts and abilities just waiting for you to access and utilize that your Soul has in store for you.

You are by no means here alone and you should not act as though you are. The most important piece of you, your very reason for being, YOUR SOUL, is here with you EVERY single step of the way to support you and help you along your path so that he or she can have the fullest experience possible while incarnated. Your Soul WANTS you to grow, so he or she can too!

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