The 5 Quickest Ways NOT to Manifest

There’s so much information on manifesting out there today – about how to attract everything you want for your life. There’s lists and course galore about exactly what TO DO to manifest what you want. But what about what NOT to do? That can be just as, if not more, important than know exactly what you should do. There are … Read More

Belief in the Manifestation Process

The power of belief is stronger than we realize. Our level of belief determines how likely we are to create a specific outcome for ourselves. No matter what effort we put into manifesting something, if we don’t 100% believe it will happen, we will have difficulty manifesting and creating it for ourselves. In order to create here on the physical … Read More

Prediction or Manifestation?

In these days and times of spiritual awakening and ascension energies flowing all around us, I often find myself asking my Guides when I have used my intuition and found out I was correct, “Was that a prediction or a manifestation?” It’s really an interesting question if you think about it. We are all creators at our very core. The … Read More