Belief in the Manifestation Process

Believe to ManifestThe power of belief is stronger than we realize. Our level of belief determines how likely we are to create a specific outcome for ourselves. No matter what effort we put into manifesting something, if we don’t 100% believe it will happen, we will have difficulty manifesting and creating it for ourselves.

In order to create here on the physical plane, we have to have access to and utilize a good bit of energy. It’s not always simple. It does require effort, so not only do we have to be clear on our intention, we also have to be firm about it. We have to take a stand for what we want and show and feel that we REALLY want it, or else we will not be able to summon the energy we need to manifest and create what we desire for ourselves. And in order to believe it, we at least have to want it. Or level of belief in something and our desire are very much tied together.

Think of it like this … when you were young and you told your parents you wanted a puppy, but they didn’t think you were responsible enough to handle one, so they said you had to do some things first to prove to them you REALLY wanted it and you could handle the level of responsibility. And if you REALLY, REALLY wanted that puppy, you would do those things they asked, right?

Well, the Universe works basically the same way. If you are not in a place where you are prepared to receive or handle something you are asking for, and if you KINDA want it, but you’re not really sure, why would God, or your Spirit Guides for that matter, bring it to you or guide you to help create it? What would be the point if you don’t really care about it? Our core beliefs drive everything we think, say and do, how we respond to situations, and most of all how we CREATE.

The single most important thing we can do for ourselves in the creation process is to fully express our DESIRE and our NEED for something. Need, in particular, is a very strong energy that can actually be utilized in the creation process. It’s even stronger than want, in my opinion, and there is no question as to whether or not you really want it. When you use the energy of need to be firm and state your desires, it even surpasses you affirming that you don’t have something, because you are way beyond that point. The only thing on your mind then is simply getting it, and THAT is exactly where you need to be to manifest, to create, and to send out the energy you need to in order to get what you are being so adamant about in return.

So, the question you need to be asking yourself is if you REALLY believe what you desire can happen. And if not, why not? Do you REALLY want it? How bad do you want it? What are you willing to do to get it? How much energy are you willing to put into it to create that outcome for yourself?

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