The 5 Quickest Ways NOT to Manifest

how not to manifestThere’s so much information on manifesting out there today – about how to attract everything you want for your life. There’s lists and course galore about exactly what TO DO to manifest what you want. But what about what NOT to do? That can be just as, if not more, important than know exactly what you should do.

There are many ways to sabotage or even ruin your own manifestation efforts. And I know that many of us are all very familiar with them. I certainly am. It doesn’t take much to sabotage our own efforts by thinking negatively or being inconsistent with our manifestation efforts.

  1. NOT being clear about what you want. This is one of the biggest difficulties I have seen so far, yet, can be most easily fixed, in my opinion. For example, how hard is it to decide how much money you want to receive right now? I mean, it’s not like you can’t turn right around and manifest again if you need more, right? So where is the disconnect when people can’t decide definitively what they want. Often, it’s a case of believing that if it does happen one time it maybe won’t happen again. So we can get stuck in this pattern of not really believing we can manifest consistently after all, when the truth is we ARE creators, manifesting and creating all the time, whether the results are positive or negative.
  2. NOT believing you can have what you are asking for. This is typically a self-worth issue. The main question you need to be asking yourself if you find this issue popping up is WHY don’t you feel like you’re worthy of receiving or having what you are asking for? The truth is you’re ALWAYS worth it – WITHOUT QUESTION.
  3. NOT asking for what you want. Sometimes we’re just afraid to ask for what we want. This is very much related to #1, but in this case you might not have the nerve to ask for what you want at all. And if you don’t stand up for and ask for what you really want, how can you expect anyone to give it to you or help you get it? Another aspect to this that people often miss is that if you are not asking for what you want, but you still want it, much of your valuable creation energy can be going to the wrong place. You can be funneling it to your wants and desires, but placing no physical action behind them by declaring what you want will actually prohibit the creation of it.
  4. NOT realizing how powerful your thoughts are. As I mentioned in #1, we are constantly creating and recreating our lives, mostly with our thoughts. As we all know, those thoughts can be both positive and negative in nature. There are even times when the negative thoughts have more power than the positive ones, perhaps because we have been so accustomed to thinking them for so long. Staying vigilant of our thoughts is important, especially if you find you are manifesting your negative thoughts into reality.
  5. Limiting how things come to you. You can’t predict how things come to you and you really shouldn’t try to control it. I mean, granted, if you are trying to manifest $50,000 and it shows up as in your physical reality as a yacht you have to sell to get the money, that might pose a problem. However, it is really important to understand that by trying to control the aspect of how what you are requesting comes to you, you really limit yourself and the Universe. Instead, try ALLOWING it to come to you any way it sees fit. You just might be surprised at the result. It might be better than you ever expected, and new opportunities might even open up for you that have even better results further down the road.

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