The Value of a Present-Life Clearing

You may remember the article I wrote last month, Healing Through the Akashic Records. I explained in the article how I utilize the Akashic Records as a tool for healing because it is such a vast storehouse of knowledge that you can utilize to find the energetic source of any problem you might currently be having. This includes health problems, financial crisis, relationship issues, or emotional difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, or anger issues.

That is exactly how we utilize the Records during a Present-Life Clearing. Focusing on one of your issues at a time, I access your personal Soul Record and check to see what negative energy is causing or contributing to the problem you are having. In order to do this effectively, I have to check for many different types of negative energy.

Examples of sources of negative energy include both influences from both past and present-life experiences and are things such as an imprint, or “stamp,” on the energy field from past experiences; a behavioral or thought pattern that once served a purpose, but is no longer conducive; or a belief received from family or collective consciousness that causes us to act against our own best interest.

Sources can also be “contracts,” or agreements, we have made with others at Soul-level that no longer serve us, “programs” running at our chakras from many types of past and present-life experiences, or even energetic cords or “hooks” from someone in our lives that can drain our energy.

These are just a few examples. Altogether, I check for about 50 different types of negative energy that might be at the source of the problem. That’s a lot of negative energy!

What is the value in this type of healing session?

In short, you can find and resolve the energetic source of your problems very quickly, and you get the clarity you need to really understand them and make them go away permanently. Once the source, or sources, is identified, a clearing is conducted to release the negative energy. This is done through a very specific and directed verbal request, or prayer. Clients are also given a clearing prayer to read each day for 21 days so that they can put their own intent behind the work, making it even more powerful for them and allowing them to see changes quickly in their physical lives.

Additionally, clients get to understand very clearly where the problem originated, why they are still having it today, and what the repercussions are of past choices they have made. Having this type of clarity is invaluable when it comes to working through your problems because once you understand where it came from, you can also see how to prevent it from happening ever again.

You can also see the many ways in which the negative energy has been affecting your life for so long. This in itself is very freeing because you finally have a clear understanding of what has been holding you back and stopping you from achieving your goals. Not to mention, you can finally see that there IS a way to move on from it, and best of all, you have actually found it – your search is over.

Suddenly, you have given yourself a real, useful, and empowering tool you can utilize to take control of your problems and move beyond them to create the life you truly deserve. You are no longer aligned with the negativity that was creating such destruction in your life because you have cleared it from your energy field. You are free of it permanently, and better yet, you have a clear understanding of where it came from and how to keep it from touching your life ever again.

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