Perception is EVERYTHING

Negativity vs PositivtyOur perception is everything. It’s the driving factor behind how we respond to our world and everything in it. And how we view ourselves in our world dictates the outcome we see for ourselves and our future. If we see our circumstances as positive, our response to them will also be positive. If we see them as negative, more than likely our response will be negative.

Have you ever misunderstood what someone said to you? To the point where you thought they were saying something mean when really that’s not what they meant? If so, perhaps you immediately got defensive and lashed out at them. Well, because you reacted in that way to them they reacted in the same way, starting an argument. They quickly tell you angrily that’s not what they meant and you misunderstood, but they are angry and so are you. Perhaps things get out of control as a result.

Why? It was all due to your perception being WRONG.

Our perception drives our responses to others constantly, no matter how positive or negative that is. If we’re in a good mood, we respond in a more positive manner. If we’re in a bad mood, it’s quite the opposite. And we can often shift from positive to negative quite quickly if we choose to or feel we need to.

And that ill perception can lead us to view ourselves more negatively than we should, which also leads us to respond negatively to our circumstances. If our self-esteem is low or we think we are not of value in a certain situation, we simply don’t think we have much to offer and we will respond with very little, when the truth is YOU ALWAYS HAVE VALUE TO OFFER. It just depends on whether or not you see that you do and how much.

Your perception of yourself indicates how much you value yourself, rather than how much others value you. This is important to note, because we tend to think it is all about how others see us that dictates our value, when it is really how valuable we see ourselves that dictates how much value we actually bring to the world.

No matter who you are, you have a limitless amount of worth, value, and abundance to bring to the world. It’s just a matter of how much of it you choose to see within yourself and how much of it you choose to share with and express to the world.

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