How Imagination Begins The Manifestation Process

imagination begins manifestation

“If you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hand.” – Bob Proctor

In my last article, I talked about the science of inspiration, how it works in the brain, and how it connects you to Spirit to motivate you and move you forward.

Your imagination and the creative power of your mind also play an important role as well, and are really part of the same process of creating and manifesting what you want. First comes the idea, or insight, from Spirit, and then comes the imagination to continue to spur you forward to initiate the creation process.

Your ability to use your imagination plays a key role in manifestation and your ability to create because it begins to guide you in HOW you will create what you want and what it will look and feel like when you receive it. It’s not only about how the process of manifestation works, but it’s also about how your brain works, because your brain plays an important role in the process of manifestation.

Your physical body and the actions you take on a daily basis are directed by the thoughts produced in your mind, but your mind is actually where the process of manifestation begins.

It all starts with a desire … a want … a need for something.

Manifestation begins with a thought, or picture in your mind, of what you want, and the desire you feel for that object or outcome. You might even attach a taste to it if it’s food, or the feeling that you will get when you receive it. That is your mind and your imagination at work to spur you to begin the process of taking action to get what you want.

In short, everything that has ever been created or come to pass, whether it is an object or an action, or an outcome, has had its beginnings in the mind. The creative power of the mind is immense. When you allow your mind to connect to Spirit and for the very energy of creation that we are all made of – Source energy – to flow through you, it becomes all the more powerful.

If you’ve listened to or read any of the great Law of Attraction inspirational and motivational speakers around today, like Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, or Rhonda Byrne, you will say they’ve all said the same thing.

How does imagination work in your brain?

It’s an interesting question with an interesting answer. As I mentioned in my last article, scientists have found that inspiration comes from one specific area of your brain. But when your imagination is at work and you are using creativity to solve a problem or create a story in your mind, many areas of your brain are involved. Take a peek at this Popular Science article to read more about how scientists found that lots of different areas of your brain work in concert together to help you work toward creating what you desire.

It is also believed that when all those other parts of your brain are hard at work creating new neural pathways and helping you think creatively, that is precisely when inspiration and new ideas can flow through the easiest. According to this Fast Company article, the best time for inspiration and new ideas to come through is when you let your mind wander and when you allow yourself to have new experiences because it forces your brain to create new connections.

But what does that have to do with manifestation?

It is those ideas and new inspirations that are really guided action steps for you to take to help make your desires a reality. Those ideas are guided actions directly form Spirit to help you find ways to create what you want and need.

Spirit wants to inspire you with new ideas and actions to take. Spirit wants to help you create. You are here because you ARE a creation of Spirit and as such, Spirit wants work alongside you to create.

Our minds have an immense creative power stored within them, a true gift from Spirit. To not take full advantage of it is denying yourself the innate power you have to manifest and create your reality in the way you want.

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