How Using Your Intuition Opens the Flow of Abundance

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Today, I want to talk to you about what “abundance” REALLY is. Before you continue reading this article, take a moment to answer the following questions:

What does abundance mean to you?

What is it you are really looking for when you are looking for abundance?

I know on the surface, you’re looking for money or perhaps more time or better opportunities. But what is it that the money or the additional time or those better opportunities will bring you?

For me, it’s security … and freedom – the freedom to go where I want when I want and to have whatever I want whenever I want it… the freedom to relax and not have to worry because I KNOW I’m supported.

I know I’m guided.

When you are guided – truly guided – by Spirit, you are “in the flow.” Believe it or not, it’s the same exact thing that happens when you are “in the flow” of abundance. The connection between the two? They are one and the same.

Why? Because connecting to Spirit means connecting to abundance.

You cannot be in the flow of abundance if you are not fully accessing your intuition. If you are not guided by Spirit, you will feel lost and confused. You will not feel supported because you are not supported by the natural flow of things that has always been there to support you … the flow that was created and designed SOLELY to support you.

What stops you from being in the flow? Simply put, negative energy does.

Whether it’s simply a stressful day blocking you from fully accessing your intuition, or it’s negative energy you are carrying around like baggage in your energy field, you have to free yourself from what is stopping you from experiencing all the help and support Spirit WANTS to provide you.

There is far more guidance and support out there waiting for you than you realize. Why not allow yourself to renew your connection back to Source and take full advantage of it? The next time you’re feeling lost, confused, and unsupported, ask yourself:

“What needs to happen so I can get back into the flow of guidance, spirit, and abundance? What’s stopping me from being in the flow?”

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