Intent Is Essential to the Manifestation Process

Intent and Manifestation TechniquesOne of the most important aspects of the manifestation process is setting a clear intent for our desires. If we do nothing else, that is the single most important thing we can do for ourselves.


Because the clearer we are about our intent, the more energy we will automatically put into the creation of that intent, both through sheer desire and physical action. Our desire is central to the creation process for us, as it is that very desire that gets sent out energetically to the Universe as a request to be fulfilled. Our desire is the magnet that attracts the things to us we want. And because physical action of some sort is also required, our desire helps us take the physical action necessary to make our wishes a reality.

Setting our intent is easiest when we have a clear picture of our lives and what we want for ourselves. This means down to the details – visualizing and playing out in our mind the scenario in which our wish comes to fruition – what it feels like to receive it and experience the level of satisfaction in knowing we created what we wanted for ourselves. And when we are in that mental and emotional space where we know what we want are able to clearly express it both to ourselves and the world, we set ourselves up for the successful manifestation of our desires.

Just how clear do we need to be?

You want to be as clear as possible. The reason why is that the clearer we are, the better a message we send outward about what we want. If we are wishy-washy about our request, our response from the Universe will be wishy-washy at best. If we go back and forth because we can’t clearly decide what we want, then we may start to create one thing, and then stop to begin creating another. Not exactly the best way to create a specific outcome for ourselves.

That’s why it’s important to think through what it is WE THINK we want, to make sure it really is, because we want the message we send out in the form of desire to be a strong as possible from the very point we begin to get excited about it.

Here’s an example…

A client of mine was struggling with meeting a weekly income goal she had set some time ago, and wasn’t sure why things weren’t working as she desired. What she didn’t realize, however, was that her own thought process was interfering to some degree because she was only working with a number and not really considering what that number meant in terms of her business. She was also experiencing some disappointment because she wasn’t seeing the number of new clients come in that she desired on a regular basis.

Once she explained her situation and the thoughts she was having, I asked her if perhaps the two thoughts might be related. She said that yes, she wanted the new clients to be part of her meeting her income goals. So, I suggested that she take a step back and rethink her income goals, by including where she wanted that money to come from. And once she did this, she was able to get much clearer on her manifestation request by combining ALL the desires she had for herself and her business into one updated request that was much more exact in nature and true to the desires she had for herself and her business at ALL levels of her being.

The results?

She was once again able to meet her income goals, and very quickly too. I spoke with her a week later and she had already taken on 3 new clients in that short time period, simply by getting clear about what she wanted!

6 Comments on “Intent Is Essential to the Manifestation Process”

    1. admin

      Yes, Roberta. It absolutely can! It’s a wonderful way to give more power and energy to your manifestations!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! :~)

  1. Kathy

    The universe is really having me hone in on this very point!! I am taking the que and doing exactly that getting clear today – NOW!! Thanks heaps for the article…

  2. Tanya Smythe

    I have been trying to manifest for the last 3years with NO success. Have tried all sorts of techniques & been scammed of money. Not to sure how real it all is

    1. Sallie Keys

      Hey Tanya! There’s a lot of manifestation methods out there, and to be honest, most of them do work. The key, however, to getting them to work is to make sure your energy is clear and healthy enough so that the flow of receiving is open. One your energy is clear enough, manifesting becomes a million times easier, no matter what method you use. I’ve been working on clearing myself so much since I started down this path, that now . my manifestation time is greatly reduced to the point that I have to be careful what I manifest! Feel free to contact me directly through my site if I can help you further!

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