12-12-12: What does it really mean?

December 12, 2012There’s been so much information out about what 12-12-12 means for so long it seems now. And then of course there is all the writing about 12-21-12, which is a whole other matter, although they are linked, being so close together.

The significance of the numbers repeating is actually what is important here. If you consider that the highest available number in our calendar is 12, well it’s easy to see why this is important. The synchronicity of the day and the repetition of the numbers is what is so wonderful about it. It would have only been 100 years ago that we would have been able to replicate this date. But at that time, we as a people were never this technologically or spiritually advanced as we are today.

The number 12 itself has a lot of spiritual significance as well. It was used quite a bit in the Bible – the 12 apostles, the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 sons of Jacob, and the 12 gates and angels guarding the Kingdom of God.

In her book, Angel Numbers 101, Doreen Virtue says that when you see the number 12, it means to “keep your thoughts positive about the future, as what you are thinking influences your future. This is a message to keep your faith and hope strong, because these are strong determining factors right now.”

This is extremely appropriate because we have available to us new and more positive energies than we have ever had before in history. As a result, our thoughts are manifesting more quickly now than ever, and this makes it SO important for us to maintain a positive outlook. Faith and hope are key elements of that as well – without faith and hope, we simply don’t believe things will improve for us or stay positive, and that is precisely when things start to turn negative for us, because we are then vibrating at that lower frequency.

Shifting to a more positive mindset is essential for us all if we expect and desire to see better things in our lives. And there’s lots of ways to do that, but the best way to start is asking yourself…   “How can I feel better NOW – in this moment?”

7 Comments on “12-12-12: What does it really mean?”

  1. Ann

    That was so helpful and good to know. My birthday is in 12’s so I have to deal with 12 for the rest of my life. I am 12/12/66 and Im always seeing 12’s in sequence especially in the way it shows in my birthday, and when it nears I wonder what is going to happen on that day. Nothing actually. But now I know what it means the next time I see it in the double form or triple I will try and pray to have positive thoughts.

  2. Randolph Sloan

    I noticed at 12-12-12 I see the date Dec 12th at high noon! This year, 2022 it matches up with bible day 284. The math adds up . my.number 476 is King Sloan …in Hebrew. 476 + 271 = 747. Now I add 13 that is the meaning ” my arrival
    So now it says ” My 747 arrives. “! This is the same day as Dec 12th, 2022. I look.for my miracle 747 as I will be King Sloan.!!

    1. 121212

      The Tony Bradford is 100 has owe one time and whole in Yahweh to each to half in guess Tony Bradford to half Yeahua preaching on time to Amen

  3. David

    I was born in the 12 th year , 1942 , in the 12th month , December , and on the 12th day , and weighed 12 pounds . Can anyone tell me the meaning of this ?

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