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As you may have read by now, I’ve been working to incorporate my artistic ability into my healing work, as you can see by viewing the graphic above or by clicking here. Art has a tremendous healing capacity in and of itself, because of its contemplative nature and the ability to allow one to delve deeper and deeper into the meaning of the design.

This serves to be true for both the artist AND the person viewing the art.

Each one of us has our own taste when it comes to art, but regardless of what that is, it has the ability to create great change in both its creation and very existence. However, when combined with energy healing and the use of symbols and other healing imagery, it becomes even more powerful.

Sacred alchemy symbolism is one of my favorite forms of symbolism for many reasons and why I first decided to create a line of Healing Artwork that utilized it as a means of communicating a specific message to the viewer. What is so fascinating to me about it is that seemingly complicated designs and symbols actually have a very simple, and often specific, underlying meaning that communicates a profound and often deep message.

Because the nature of the human mind is to question, when one does start to ask what the underlying message in the symbols is, that message often provides a great deal of insight and awareness to the viewer AND to the artist. I know I certainly have learned a lot from creating the many designs I have had the pleasure of creating so far!

Symbols truly have the potential to be meditative in nature because of their simplicity, so viewing them gives us the opportunity to delve deeper in our minds for the underlying meaning they provide, both in their natural state, and for us personally. This is where it gets super interesting. Symbols not only have a universal meaning, but they can hold special meaning to us. The Universe communicates in symbols, and so do we.

We can store our own personal history in symbols and when we view symbols that have special meaning for us, we begin to remember our past and what is unique about our own history. Messages and images of all kinds can come to us from symbols that are important to us.

The types of symbols I use in my work are geometric in nature, but the Universe and Spirit can use symbols of all kinds to communicate with us. From birds and rainbows to hearts and music, the Universe has many ways to get our attention. This world is field with symbols and imagery, and everything has a special meaning on its own, and for us personally, and it’s up to us to take full advantage of the wisdom of symbols and the potential for insight and healing they bring.

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